Strain – UK Cheese

Visual/Texture – the structure of the pepper shaped bud is a shared density of fresh, and sponge feeling texture. Bold darker forest green, and an olive shading cast over the nug, with emerald undertones, and bright violet spots peeking through in moderation. Thick orange pistils decently threaded through the mass, and drenched in a thickly coated layer of milky white trichomes

Scent – this strain sporting a fairly potent profile, with a variety of aromas coming through with its exotic terpenes. Featuring a blend of unique scented emissions of pungent sweet citrus, skunky herbs, and a distinct cheese fragrance

Smoke – within a few puffs a greasy resin ring materialized, consistent burn with a lighter grey ash having peppering flakes involved. Making a fairly solid transition from the nose to the smoke, having those unique terpenes continuing to shine through. Taking in each hoot your palate is brushed with a deep sweet citrus, creamy cheese, skunky, and sour herbal flavoring. The exhale then moving towards a sour earthiness, and spicy tasting as you release

High – UK Cheese is a top heavy, indica leaning hybrid (80/20) allowing you to retain focus, increasing levels of euphoria, and providing you with a boosted mood. Followed up by a calming which places you at ease, while a relaxation settles over your body, temporarily removing any existing soreness. Carving into this stuff during the day or evening time, shredding out some solid results