Strain – UK Cheese

Smell – as soon as you tear into the mylar package, you can no doubt tell this is a cheese strain, with its nice subtle earthy cheese smell. The nose is similar to the powdered cheese in the KD packs

Smoke – puffing on this strain you get that earthy skunky cheese when you inhale and it becomes more of a sweeter tasting cheese flavored exhale. Lighter side ash of salt and pepper coloring, and an oil ring from beginning to end

High – a good later day or early evening time blaze, it makes it easy to lose focus and even easier just to take it easy. Seemed to be decent for pain relief and munchie inducing

Quality: It has a really light lime green coloring to it, with plenty of orange hairs throughout the buds. Decent strain with some crazy cheese terpenes, I’m a fan of cheese strains so this one was some solid stuff all around