Strain – UBC Chemo (Remo Chemo)

Smell – the stanky smell is quite present as soon as you’ve re-exposed this from its seclusion. Aromas of dank piney kush hit your nostrils first with wafts of spicy, earthy diesel. Quite the terpene profile that this strain emits off of it

Smoke – right off the first puff you can taste the perfect carry over from smell to flavor. Inhaling consisting of pine mixed with gassy kush where as the exhale is earthiness tasting with a pungent peppery taste. The ash being a medium to lighter salt and pepper, and a greasy resin ring that surfaced quite fast into the joint

High – I found this to be a later day or an evening time smoke. It’s a high that comes on almost instantly post blaze. Right away you’ll notice any sort of aches and pains completely removed, setting your body in a relaxed state and having any sort of stress alleviated or temporary subsided

Quality: when I first opened the mylar I thought that it was empty, the bud so sticky it was stuck to the inside of the bag itself. Spongy to the squeeze and as mentioned just sticky trichomes acting like a glue to everything that it came in contact with. Unfortunately I was greeted with another seed in this sample which I found before grinding, but I also noticed that it wasn’t as hermied like the crunk boat with the excess chutes/burnt seed taste luckily. Nice neon green color to the structure with forest green undertones, a complete dousing of trichomes, and slight sugar leaf presence