If you’ve ever ordered weed online and browsed the edibles section, chances are you’ve seen these guys kicking around. Beautiful packaging with everything right out in the open. The perfect size to fit in your pocket and forget its even there.

The candy itself is wrapped in a piece of parchment paper inside a small, credit card sized sealed bag .They are 80mg per pack, to be divided into 10mg doses if needed. Very easy to cut up and work with.

The orange Jelly Bomb has a great chewy gummy candy consistency. Something about as chewy as a big gummy bear. Very flavourful, orange is one of my go-to flavours, although there is a little bit of an aftertaste like most edibles. Not overly noticeable to me, as the candies are very flavourful on their own. The taste reminds me of artificial orange flavour mixed with real fruit juice, super tasty. These are reliably dosed and consistent in quality.