Coming in tightly neat little box were these truffles made from fine belgian chocolate, with hand infused clarified butter. Had a beautiful shape and drizzling of chocolate lines to these truffles. Had 4 truffles in the box, totally 500mgs of THC made from the strain Washing Machine.


Upon eating a few truffles they tasted like rich and chocolatey goodness like how a gourmet truffle should taste like. The insides of the truffle was gooey ooey that had tender and delicate taste and texture. There the ever slightest weed taste, that was barely noticable out of just 1 of the 3 truffles I ate.


I ate 2 for dessert after supper and boy I was feeling dandy a hour or so after eating then with the high building. I was left glossy eyed and overall pretty happy feeling. I was a bit giggly and motivated to go out and be active. I ate the 3rd one and past out unintentionally.