Fat and stocky obviously hand trimmed nug that was as dense as they come. Beautiful moisture level made for a crackly exterior with an insanely sticky and caked interior. A wide range of greens, dark blues/purples and thin burnt orange pistils; plastered with a thick layer of resin made for another wildly appealing strain. Under the macro lense, the trichomes were short and stacked with mainly fat clear and milky heads. Another strain offering a powerfully gassy nose that is sharp and pungent; making it linger on the nostrils after taking a whiff.
I found that in a joint this was as greasy as they come; with an immediate oil ring becoming so thick it was difficult to get a clean haul. Ash finished mainly light grey and fluffy with some minor darker peppering. Flavors again hit mainly with gas but there were also some mild earthy and herbal notes on exhale. The effects were immediately felt post-smoke starting with a spacey cerebral buzz that quickly transitioned into a heavy body stone. Wickedly potent Indica effects had me overly relaxed and zoning out over and over; making it difficult to get anything done. I’d be cautious smoking this mid-day if you had anything to do; as it will sap your ambition and have you blankly staring into space for hours. Nothing like an over the top gassy smoke with powerfully potent Indica effects to put you to sleep at the end of the night. Absolutely perfect for the task.