Strain – Trunk Funk (White Tahoe Cookies x Do-Si-Dos) by Enigma Extracts

Smell – ripping open the package I couldn’t wait to smell what this eye candy had for a nose on it. Very danky terpenes with immediate gassy diesel first hitting the nose, it also carried hints of sweet lemon

Smoke – the taste while smoking was equally pleasant with the inhale bringing a piney diesel gas while the exhale was more of a sweet earthy lemon. It smokes clean with white ash, and a greasy resin ring right off the bat

High – definitely a strain that you shouldn’t have a whole lot planned to get done after toking. More of later day or evening blaze, this¬† indica leaning hybrid makes accomplishing tasks more difficult

Quality: These stunning buds appear to have been dipped into a bowl of trichomes, super frosted right up. Excellent coloring medium to darker forrest green nugs with purple accents, and bright orange hairs popping out throughout the entire structure. Another great snag without a question