Strain – Tropicana Cookies by Enigma Extracts

Smell – absolutely bursting in terpenes of flavorful proportions. Consisting of a citrus infused fruit platter the Tropicana Cookies emitting an explosion of zesty orange, sour lemon, with a blended hint of sweet floral herbs

Smoke Рequally as delicious on the nose, this strain translates to the taste perfectly. Every  inhale you are blasted with that orange and lemon, citrus duo with the subtle herbal floral flavor. Exhaling each puff equally as pleasant with its creamy orange, lemon, with minor woodiness, and a continued citrus infusion dancing on your palate for quite some time after releasing the hoot. Clean burning, with a greyish white ash with slight peppering, and an oil ring intact through the smooth consist burn

High – a hybrid bringing sativa to the show (70/30) providing the uplifting mood and energized motivation that allow you to keep pumping through your day without any added inconvenience. Feeling calm, and flowing with creative thoughts, all well maintaining complete focus. A burnout that passes without taking a toll, making this an ideal daytime herb to turn to

Quality: slight sponginess on the squeeze while also having a crispy textured outer shell concealing in the fresh stickiness awaiting on the interior, leaving your fingers a sticky resinous mess. Shaded in a minty green, with lots of sharp light purple hues really elevating this eye candy. Thinner orangish brown pistils throughout the formation, with a thick layer of frosted crystal trichomes. Delicious tasting, with a long lasting flavor all while taking you to the proper heights