This flower has a beautiful bag appeal with extremely deep and rich purples accented by dark orange pistils and glistening, fully developed trichome heads. The aroma from the jar isn’t extremely impressive, but once broken up there’s a complex mix of sweet oranges and earthy/herbal dough. It also has a slight creamy undertone that really ties the profile together. This translates into a light fruity flavour on smoke with a creamy herbal undertone. I do wish the orange would come through more but it’s still a nice tasty smoke! It is also a rich, clean, and expansive smoke with a soft white/grey ash. The high is a unique mix of clear headed mental stimulation and a strong, almost debilitating body buzz. This is a great smoke for just about any time of the day but I would recommend it especially for the evening as it doesn’t lower your energy levels but leaves your body very relaxed. Overall very pleased with this product, however I think the flavour could be a little more dialed in 🔥🙌