These are definitely the nicest and most chunky diamond formations I have come across. As you can see these big crystal boulders are also bathing in a deep terp pool. The seperation is beautiful to look at and the ratio of diamonds to sauce is just perfect for allowing one to customize each dab. The light gold/amber colour just tops off the visual beauty. The nose is equally impressive with an unreal creamy citrus profile and a dank and very slight spicy undertone which almost reminds me of a flavored rum or something. This would entice any terp lover to indulge immediately. They’d then see that it translates perfectly into an even more fruity flavour. The creamy citrus notes are heavily present on inhale and linger for a long time. It also has the dank and very slight spicy touch added on exhale. This is also probably the smoothest solvent extract I’ve ever smoked. The burn is ridiculously clean and leaves next to no residue on the banger. The high on this is a bit of a creeper. Initially I thought it was lacking potency but just a few minutes later I came to realize how wrong I was lol. There’s a very dreamy and floaty effect where time seems to fly by regardless of what you’re doing. This leads to a deep care free mental state where nothing seems to really matter. You’ll be attracted to any form of pleasurable entertainment around you, however you’ll also find difficulty focusing. For example any complex movies or intense gaming sessions might be out of the question lol but it’s an absolutely fantastic high for some late night music. Overall these diamonds are very impressive and definitely a great evening treat. The terps and effects are amazing.👌😋