The name Tropical Truffle does this strain justice in every way. This flower is part of the Snazzy Strains Craft line-up and comes in a 7 gram plastic container that was sealed and included a 62% Integra boost humidity pack within. The buds arrived in an ideal texture, being sticky to the touch when broken up but not overly fresh. Very light green in colour with a coating of glistening trichomes and orange hairs. Also some purple colouration on some of the sugar leaves.

A cross of Tropicana Cookies and Mint Chocolate Chip and listed as an even 50/50 hybrid. The aroma is very telling of the lineage as soon as you crack open the lid. Waves of sweet and creamy citrus are met with a doughy, and a faint cocoa like smell. Also some hints of grapefruit. The smoke is very smooth on the inhale and exhale and carries over the rich and creamy citrus notes, with a touch of grapefruit that lingers on the tongue. Burns with a very light coloured ash as well.

This one offered quite a balanced and even keeled high. A combination of heady and body effects that left me relaxed and all around happy feeling. Found it to be a great social strain as well and made me very talkative. Really loved this one and everyone that smoked it with me instantly wanted to know what the strain was. Great genetics and as a fan of cookie strains this was a winner