Brand – Trippy Treats – Love Edition by Cannamo Canada

Visual/Texture – these little beauties captivating my heart right off the hop. Tiny little hearts with a transparent red, and orange respectively. To my surprise, I had received an extra little red bear inside my pack, ended up being notched up to a win, with the total of hearts tallying up to the proper amount. Softly formed perfectly shaped little hearts that leave no residue during or post chewing

Flavor – the light orange, peach colored ones infused with a Guava flavoring tasting quite unique yet extremely tasty. The reds being fantastically flavored as a strawberries and cream. Super sweet tasting hearts, that carry delicious infused flavors that have absolutely zero nasty taste left lingering

Potency – these 50mg hearts each personally carrying enough to effectively have you feeling the effects, come in a tin hitting a total of 500mgs. Throwing back four of these, after some time the effects starting to commence. First providing an overall mood enhancement that fills you with bliss, and moving a newly increased euphoria through your head. Soon after the stone becomes increasingly more calming, and send a relaxing feeling over your entire body. One or two to both heighten and enlighten your day, any more will have more elevating results better left for evening consumption