Triple Bubba Cannagar from Cannalyft

Visual: It came in a nice glass tube with a cork top. It looked like a huge blunt with a sweet wooden tip at one end.

Nose: It smelled like a cigar with some skunkiness.

Taste: I got lots of the Bubba Kush flavor! I was very surprised that I didn’t get much of the tobacco flavor. It was very sweet and skunky and woody and a bit piney as well. It was very flavourful!

Burn: It was an amazing burn! I got lots of heavy smoke and it burnt forever. I got a ½ an hour into it and I was only a ¼ done! The ash was very light and clingy and it was very smooth. It was a beautiful smoke!

Potency/Effects: I loved this Cannagar! It had a great flavour and it was a great smoke! It was very potent! I got lots of buzziness all over my face and body. It turned my brain to mush and it took me out! It was some fun times!