Strain – Triangle Kush

Smell – terpenes were pouring out of the bag as soon as I started to tear it. My nose was introduced to a pungent diesel gas with signs of lemon with floral undertones. The smell amplified once busting some nugs up

Smoke – comparable taste to smell while smoking, the smooth inhale consisting of a skunky, earthy lemon flavoring, moving to a cedar with a lingering citrus taste post exhale. Some nice and light grey ash, with a little greasy resin ring consistently moving along in front of the cherry

High – this strain can be enjoyed either during the day or into the evening. With its indica dominance it will take your motivation away fairly quickly. It brings you to a relaxed state, but also make you hungry shortly after

Quality: buds although smaller in size, decently compact and dense, very little give when squeezed. Bright neon green colored nuggets, glistening in amber triches with dark fire orange pistils covering a good portion of the formations