Strain – Trainwreck (Mexican x Afghani x Thai Landrace)

Smell – once I started to tear into the mylar the terpenes were on their way out as soon as there was an opportunity. Smells of sweet lemon, sour pine, and wood all coming off this strain in a powerful aroma

Smoke – consistent burning and smooth on both the inhale and exhale. Salt & pepper ash, with an oil ring leading charge. The initial flavor is a sweet woody pine and then moves to a sour lemon as you exhale

High – this sativa dominant hybrid makes this a perfect daytime option, even lighting some of this up for a morning blaze. It leaves you motivated, and feeling on the more creative side. Definitely able to handle errands no problem, and the burn out is non existent

Quality: buds of medium and smaller sizes, with a crispy outside they busted up and fluffed out quite decently. Bright copper pistils, emerald green coloring, and a blanket of trichomes make up these formations. Great smoke that has the uplifting effects that are necessary especially when wanting to feel on the useful side