Moderately dense shaped buds arrived with nice cure and a pungent smell. Immediately hitting my nose with some lemon, pine and earthy notes that were pungent; and only improved after a day in a jar. Bright and dark green backgrounds plus bright orange pistils and a healthy coating of resin provide decent bag appeal. A closer look revealed mainly clear trichome heads with some cloudy and amber heads spotted in lower numbers.

Smoke hit the back of the throat with a mild sharpness but wasn’t harsh on the lungs, burning a fluffy light grey ash with some peppering. Flavors came through with mainly pine/earth and some mild citrus on exhale. Found it produced a decent oil ring 1/3 of the way in a joint. Buzz was a heady and uplifting, taking effect almost immediately.  Obvious Sativa leaning effects were also very clear headed with some relaxing vibes settling in about 20 minutes later; no anxious or racing mind with this one. Easily categorized as a great daytime smoke.