Tom Ford from WTF Cannabis – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (AAA)

Visual: The colour was a nice medium green. It had very compact buds with lots of tight crystals. The tips of the buds were a bit darker and frostier and the inside had lots or crystal coverage. It was super dense with just a bit of a squish on the outside.

Nose: The nose was very gassy and piney with a bit of a honey scent and some earthiness.

Roll: It rolled great. It squished quite a bit while I was rolling it so it took a lot longer to cut it up I found.

Taste: It had a very nice flavour and it was very pungent! It had a very strong gassy flavour with some pine and woodiness to it. It was very pleasant.

Burn: It had an amazing burn! It was very heavy smoke, it burnt steady and slow and the ash was very white.

Potency/Effects: Bam! It was very punchy and the effects built up fast. It was very energizing at first but then it turned into a very deep relaxed state of mind and body. It was a very heavy stone that lasted a long time. Nice heavy hitter!

Overall score – 9.3/10