Strain –  Tom Ford Pink Kush

Smell – instantly the terpenes begin to escape the bag as you begin tearing it open. That really pungent floral stank mashed together with gassy pine and slight citrus hints

Smoke – smooth and long consistent burn, clean light greyish white ash with an oil ring that grew as the joint burned down. Inhaling it bring forward the floral and piney flavors, and on the exhale it’s more earthy cedar tasting

High – this is one of those strains that you lean on when you’ve got some spare time to kill, or are just looking to take it easy. Very relaxing and a good head high, leaving you feeling good also it relieves any pain that previously existed. More for evening time or later daytime smoke

Quality: evenly distributed medium and darker green shades make up the coloring of these buds, with fire orange thin pistils, and a draping of amber trichomes. It’s one of those strain that doesn’t have the most pleasant bag appeal but it definitely makes up for it in potency. The buds were fairly squishy and extremely fresh on the inside