An array of greens ranging from bright and mossy to dark forest sugar leaves provided the backdrop for short densely pack trichomes. There were also some less prominent areas of pink and purple near the stems, but these were not something you could appreciate until you broke down the bud. A peek through the macro lens revealed densely packed clear and amber trichomes. The smell was bright, sweet and slightly floral. The smell intensified as you put the bud in a grinder with strong overtones of kush arriving on the scene; really pungent but pleasant nose.

Taste of the buds was again bright, sweet with a gassy exhale, but I noticed mild harshness. The burn was sub-par with dark grey to black ash in a joint and waterpipe. This made it fairly difficult to keep a jay lit.  The high however was very pleasant starting with clear cerebral effects that changed to a dominant relaxing vibe felt throughout the body. Still an overall decent bud; just needed a decent burn on it.