Thin Mint Cookies rated as Hybrid
A cross of : GSC  OG Kush x Durban Poison

Small to medium sized nugs with a fuzzy coating of trichomes all over mostly milky with some amber gave all the nugs that matted look. A lot of intact heads all over the outside and super coated inside, a nice trim. It was not sticky but nicely cured and will stay like that if kept in jars.

Smell was a bit of a creeper, faint at first but got just a bit of a floral dankyness once grinded. The taste was similar faint with a smooth flower like background. Burned smooth and left a gray ash.

The effect where a nice represantation of the strain an elevating heady feeling at first lingers for a while and subsidize into something body centered. It got me feeling really relaxed for a 50/50 and even led to light sedation.