Thin Mint Cookies rated as Hybrid A cross of : GSC  x OG Kush x Durban Poison

Big chunky boulders. Light and dark green for the most part with hues of purple emerging from the core and firey pistils. It was nicely handled with a lot of healthy heads on the outside giving the nug that fuzzy look. It was well manicured and coated in smaller size shiny heads on the inside.

So pleasant on the nose. A super pungent sweet gas/ chemical and lightly minty profile coming off of those nugs.  Classic thin mint. Transfered super well to the taste. With a sweet cookie minty exhale. Burned a bit salt and pepper but slow and steady and greased up joints about a half in.

The effects are intense on this cut starts heady and lingers for a while but it subsidize into  heavy limbs and intense winding down into a pretty good couch lock. Id keep this for a off day rotation or evenings night time. A heavy cookie.