Strain – The One by Gas Town

Smell – pleasent smelling strain that has both a lemon mixed with pine and hints of gas. Not the most pungent dank but really nice smelling stuff

Smoke – the inhale brings the perfect mixture of lemon and pine with the exhale being very similar tasting with some diesel present. Smooth and slow burning, white ash, and of course a nice greasy oil ring

High – I found this stuff to be a bit of a creeper high, just when I was considering if I should spin another then.. there it is. Great for daytime or early evening sessions, but not with a whole bunch on the schedule post sesh

Quality: Smaller to medium sized buds, great various green colors all over with the occasional purple hughes, nicely trichome dusted, and bright orange pistils.  Nugs were fairly compact yet squishable at the same time and it was a great grab on especially when it was on sale. Excellent smoke that I wouldn’t hesitate gripping more of in the future