Came as mostly smaller buds that were machine trimmed. In my opinion, craft flower shouldn’t be machine trimmed – that should be reserved for the mass grow stuff. Can’t help but think about how gorgeous these flowers would be with a careful hand trim.

Despite the machine trim, the buds were still quite visibly coated in trichs. Dense and fairly sticky to the touch.

The nose is quite unique. Goes really deep in to the herbal tones, very earthy as well. Sort of reminds me of those green drinks that are a little bit thick – though in a good way.

Reasonably smooth smoke with salt and pepper ash. Very earthy and herbal terps, hints of celery flavor coming through.

Resulted in very heavy indica effects. Full body stone that has you feeling euphoric, warm and couchlocked. Very cozy and comfortable. Light euphoric cerebral buzz to accompany the physical.

Despite how I may feel about the look or smell, this is undeniably a heavy hitter – really strong and unique indica buzz!