Strain – Thai Coast OG (Chemdawg 4 x Pakistani Kush x Lemon Thai)

Smell – quite the potent smelling strain being compiled of several scents reeking off this exotic stuff. It’s got a pungent lemon, pine, and a sweet herbal earthy aroma that doesn’t hold back at all

Smoke – there is a salt and pepper ash coloring, a good resin development. The transition over from the smell is depicted perfectly, each inhale bring forth the strong lemon terps, mixed with the sweet piney herbs, and the exhale becoming more earthy with that sweet citrus continuing to dance around the palate

High – having a fairly even ratio (60/40) with indica slightly on top, I do find it gives great effects from both sides. It first comes on as both uplifting and increased motivation initially, it then moves you to a more relaxed state, while providing noteable pain relief. No problem turning to this strain for blazing during the day

Quality: made up of one decent medium sized nug having quite the spongy texture, with a fresher sticky interior once exposed. Oval formation, with some sugar leaves gripping the bud. The whole thing an even olive green throughout, with an army of lengthy copper pistils taking hold of the entire structure, and covered from top to bottom in glimmering crystal trichomes