This phenotype was the one I was most excited for initially at the time of the unboxing. Deep dark purple backgrounds without any noticeable green.  The only other colours present were the fat fluorescent orange pistils and the thick coating of trichomes provided a white sugared texture. The trichomes were unique (only one I’ve seen with this trait), as it possessed dark purple stalks with the amber, cloudy and clear heads nestled on top. The smell was complex with a dominant ripe cherry scent that was accented by some sharp orange and mildly sweet aromas.

Burned well in a joint with a near white ash with minor peppering and smooth smoke. Found I didn’t notice any effects until 5-10 minutes later creeping up on my as I was considering another smoke. Another Sativa leaning buzz that crept up initially as pressure to the top of the head. Closely followed by sky high euphoria and great uplifting vibes that had me feeling good. I did notice the first 20 minutes it was difficult to concentrate with a racing mind and a slight flutter in the chest. This then mellowed out into clear cerebral buzz and a body high that had me feeling relaxed and happy. Found the potency of this one to be perfect with a long-lasting high felt up in the noggin balanced out with a body stone that kept it relaxing. Likely my favourite of the bunch for not only visuals but a wicked buzz.