This one immediately caught my eye as the frostiest of the bunch. With the dark green and purple backgrounds fighting to reveal themselves through the almost excessive coating of resin. The intense contrast of the clear, cloudy and abundant amber trichomes appeared to create streams atop the murky backgrounds. The buds were dense olive shaped nugs with a healthy amount of long thin rusty orange pistils and a perfect cure.  To the touch, the buds possessed a lightly hardened exterior and ridiculously sticky interior. Such a wildly different smell which resembled overripe fruit plus with sweet orange/citrus balancing out the scent.

Burn on the joint was great with a steady even burn;  finishing with a fluffy light grey ash with minor peppering. Taste profile hit with light citrus plus mild earthy flavors on exhale; alongside smooth smoke that made for an enjoyable sesh. Cerebral effects were felt 1/4 through the joint with a heady stone that slowly built up into a hazey high. No racing mind but found myself with a lot of energy and palpable euphoria; which may not have been ideal at the time I smoked (11 PM). Literally had me ready to go making me wish I was out hanging or partying with some buddies. Heavily sativa leaning buzz without any significant sedative effects, other then a mild body load an hour post-smoke. Something to smoke when your ready to party, hang with friends or get active. Easily something I’ll choose for some outdoor activities like biking or going for a jaunt with the dog.