Light green buds provide a ideal backdrop for perfectly placed deep purple to black sugar leaves. The twisted and curled appearance of the leaves appeared combed towards the tips of the buds giving it a wild appearance as if they were crawling to the tip of the bud. The buds themselves were a collection of grape shaped nugs stacked along the stem; which were more dense compared to the first pheno. The colours starkly contrasted the vast amount of white and amber resin elevating the visual appeal. A closer look revealed densely packed complete trichomes with amber, cloudy and clear heads. The smell was less prominently orange. However, plumes of overripe berries and cream aromas sat atop some mild citrus notes. The smell was fantastic and pungent, drawing me back to the scent repeatedly.

The smoke was smooth finishing with a near white ash. The taste was again delicious with sweet creamy notes on inhale with the mild earthy flavors on exhale. Immediate cerebral buzz which was more balanced then #1 yet still Sativa leaning with euphoric and uplifting vibes creating moments that had me randomly smiling.  These effects were long-lasting with a relaxing and more noticeable body load settling into the limbs and torso as time passed. There are countless situations I see myself using this strain but ideal as a pick me up after or starting the day off on the right foot.