Such a stunning flower that’s impressive from all aspects. It’s been immaculately hand trimmed flaunting it’s gorgeous green & purple leaves shielded by healthy trichomes. A perfect bud structure featuring a semi-dense core and slight fluffy exterior with striking orange hairs. Simply touching these resinous leaves will leave your fingers coated in trichomes. Pheno 1 releases a delicious sweet/tangie bubblegum aroma mixed with nutty/citrus tones. This translates beautifully over to the smoke with dominant tangy/citrus terpenes providing a clean burn and fluffy white ash. It produced a clean uplifting high delivering a good balance of energy and focus. This combined with a relaxing body high make Terple a delicious treat for any time of day.

It’s easy to see why pheno 1 is a winner from it’s gorgeous vibrant colors to delicious tangy terpenes and well balanced hybrid high. The love and passion Rootbase devotes into each grow is spectacular and the quality is reflected in each flower.