For the Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy, if you haven’t had the Baja Mountain dew; first you’re missing out; second you can expect it to have a candy-like lime flavor. It isn’t overly sweet and comes without the syrupy flavors of the original. Now, when mixed with the BRCC this adds an almost creamy appeal plus a fair amount more sweetness and mild fruity flavors. This all mingles really well with the original lime flavors of the dew. I’ll be keeping this option in my back pocket for the future and considering the bottle is 1000mg; I’ll likely be able to enjoy this combo for a while. The THC lean itself was a rich deep blue that was uniform in colour. Flavor wise if I had to choose between the two concoctions, I made this is the clear winner.

Once again, the Terp Juice hit me a bit faster than a typical edible with effects hitting around the 20-minute mark. I can’t be sure of the exact dose but likely drank 50-75 mg each time. Found myself feeling heaviness and relaxation spread throughout my torso and limbs; escalating over the first hour. I was able to keep up a conversation initially but found it difficult to focus and really became more introverted as I just enjoyed the high and watched some Netflix.  Effects lasted a good amount of time and eventually had me crawling into bed each time about 3 hours later. Loved the THC lean once again and am finding there is limitless options to make this a delicious edible option. [Taken from Strawberry Terp Juice Review]