Strain: Tangerine Dream rated as  AAA 90u Hybrid Sativa leaning. A cross from Barney’s Farm; G13 x Afghani x Neville’s Haze.

Beautiful light amber colored rosin with a slightly buttery consistency in the middle and more light and honey like on the sides. Felt really fresh it was runny but not unworkable.  Barely any material really clean looking concentrate.

Smell was mostly woody gassy and slightly citrusy/ piney. Was expecting a bit more orange /citrus at first but once stirred up it really opened up and the citrusy notes really came thru stronger. All that transfered to the smooth vapor really well. Melt cleanly and left barely any material residue.

The effect where almost instantaneous i felt a intense buzzing headrush after 10 20 seconds of dabbing. Felt really focused and driven. After consuming a decent amount it lead me into a pretty intense relaxing state for a sativa dominant strain.