Strain – Sweet Tooth (Nepalse Indica x Afghani Indica x Hawaiin Sativa)

Visual/Texture – small sized rounded nugs, texture spread between crispy, and spongy. Busting into the buds uncovering the fresher interiors, with a slight stickiness. Shaded by a lime green, with some dark emerald undertones. Thinner light orange pistils, some sugar leaf presence, and thickly dusted by a healthy layer of snow white trichomes

Scent – producing a heavy scented terpene presence, with a variation of unique smells working together in the ample named Sweet Tooth. Containing a mashed up compilation of sweet herbal, fragrant floral, and notable accents of skunky cedar

Smoke – producing a lighter grey ash, smooth pulls through a consist burn, and forming a resinous trail as you puffed back. Sharing a similar taste to the scent of the strain, you take on an inhale filled of deep sweet herbs, fragrant floral, and woodiness. Exhales containing the same pungent sweetness, with a cedar, earthiness flavoring

High – an evenly divided hyprid (50/50)  delivering the an equal balanced high. The high first introducing itself with its strong euphoria, inspiring creativity, and completely elevating your mood. As the stone transpires it slowly washes it’s way down your body, settling over you with a entire sense of relaxation, as you feel your motivation dissipate. Minor pain relief, while increasing your desire to munch out, there’s no issue getting nice and baked during the day