Light and fluffy looking buds with several tendrils spreading outwards from a central stem with beautiful looking foxtails. The strain possessed a significant amount of trichomes which appeared matted making the buds appear mainly white. This helped to accent the bright green backgrounds and small purple patches throughout It also highlighted the short, thin and rusty red pistils that were dotted throughout. Only issue I had was mine was pretty squished along the way.

I found the scent to be almost entirely earthy; with gassy aromas only becoming noticeable as the bud was broken down. Taste mirrored the smell with dominant earthy notes with some diesel flavors noticed on exhale. Burned a clean white ash and produced a smooth smoke. Post-smoke there was a definite sativa high which produced a lot of euphoria, plenty of energy and a stoney head high. Felt similar to a Red Congo strain, with an initial powerful head high and constantly increasing energy; finally feeling a bit more relaxed an hour later. Something I found great on a walk at a nearby trail with the pooch, as I needed something to direct that energy. Do I need to say this is an obvious daytime strain?