I wanted to preface this review by letting everyone know that I am an absolute candy fanatic. With that in mind I don’t know if I could differentiate these from unmedicated candies. The texture and flavor were on point with a a good chew and sweet and sour artificial fruit flavor you’d expect from the non-medicated version. Theere were 10 pieces with the label listing them each containing 10 mgs of THC. .
I ate 5 only because I am sometimes skeptical of dosages and wanted to be able to function if they may have had higher levels.  With 5 pieces or 50mg  I felt an elevated and relaxed body high which made the next 3-4 hours of my day carefree.

I would feel comfortable having 100mg next time without getting totally couch locked. I’d assume two bags may have me completely laid out. This is dependent on your tolerance but for me if I wanted to get wrecked I may have needed to take 150-200mg. Either way I’d definitely reccomend them as a decent edible product for determining your tolerance.