Sacred Gardens provides their craft series in some great stylized mylar packaging with the bud’s vacuum sealed separately along with a humidity pack.

Cracking the bag immediately released a massive plume of gas which tapered off to reveal some sweet candy and pine undertones. The entirety of the half zip was stuck in one crystal coated mass highlighting the obvious stickiness. At first glance the perfectly trimmed buds appeared greasy; likely due to the ludicrous amount of trichome coverage. This greasy exterior only accented the array of light and dark green backgrounds with rich purple sugar leaf tips scattered throughout. The individual medium to large sized buds were perfectly cured with a great stickiness and moisture level.  Large amounts of complete trichomes were visible to the naked eye and upon closer inspection revealed clear and milky heads. The macro shots were impressive with the trichomes closely packed into dense fields of perfectly round globes.

Even though the buds were unbelievably sticky they broke down nicely with a 1-2 turns of the grinder. Burn was impeccably even with a white ash in both a joint and bong. Found the smoke to be exceptionally smooth, with gassy notes leading the flavor profile followed by pleasant pine notes on exhale. Buzz initially leaned to a more uplifting and stoney head high; typical of a pink strain. Yet soon transitioned into a seriously potent Indica high; with a strong body load, felt as a combination of relaxation and heaviness in the limbs. A strain with a high risk of couchlock; apart from experienced smokers the strain is best suited for evening use. With the Supreme Pink Bubba grown in house; this strain is a testament to the experience and respect these pros have for the plant.

One of the most important and respectable things about Sacred Gardens is that 6$ from every 14-gram bag is donated to provide scholarships for addiction treatment and plant medicine therapy for those seeking alternative healing.