This flower impresses in basically ever aspect. The nugs boast a beautiful mix of dark and vibrant greens along with some extremely deep (almost black) purples and a nice coat of glistening trichome heads. The inside of the nugs are even more caked with an extremely dense and consistent trichome jungle. Upon first opening the beautifully designed package, I was hit with a pungent gas and kushy aroma. There are also some strong sweet and piney notes and slight hints of cream and spice. This translates amazingly well into a classic kushy/gassy and sweet flavor with a complex piney/musky/spicy exhale. The smoke is extremely clean and smooth with a perfectly rich exhale. The ash is very soft and pure white. This flower is definitely a hard hitting indica. The high is very heavy with lazy and euphoric effects, making it perfect for any late night sesh. This stuff is all around amazing and definitely a top recommendation for any pink lover. Blessed to have tried this! 💯🔥