Brand – Choice Edibles – Super Strength Gummy Bear

Flavor – the flavor on this was labelled as tropical and it definitely carried a taste of a tropical blend. The taste reminds me of the classic beverage(s) Hawaiin Punch or Tahiti Treat. With a blend up of different fruity flavors, make this a very tasty beast. There is a slight lingering aftertaste but at these levels, how could there not be?

Potency – this big red bastard sported a whopping 500mg. Definitely accurately dosed, and easy enough to divide it in half. This is a great evening ender, once you’re ready to kick back, limit your movement and clear your head. Heavy on the eyes, great euphoria, and will leave you in a sedated state with a great nights rest

Quality – this being listed as a big gummy bear, I was thinking this would be done over the course of a few days but it actually being of a respectable size (easily fits in the palm), it resulted in 2 high flying evenings. The texture was slightly hardened on the outside, and soft chewy once bitten into. Every time I was interested in gripping one of these, they kept selling out.. for good reason