Strain – Super Silver Haze (Skunk x Northern Lights x Haze)

Visual/Texture – bright minty shaded buds, having emerald green hues, with a solid amount of thicker orange pistils populating the structure, and dusted with a fine layer or milky white trichomes. Smaller sized spade shaped nug, decent sponginess when squeezed, nice and fresh both inside and out

Scent – receiving the unique terpenes of distinctness offered up by Super Silver Haze which you are  presented with once tearing into the mylar. Scented by its sweet and sour citrus, and a blend of herbal, lemon, skunkiness

Smoke – carrying over to the taste of this strain while puffing is quite identical to the nose being emitted. Easily able to take big hauls of smooth intakes, flavored by a sweet & sour herbal, lemon citrus flavoring during the inhale. Once exhaling it takes on more of an earthy, herbalness, with spicy notes added on, and the sour citrus lingering beyond each exhale. Dispersing a lighter greyish ash, pepper flakes throughout, and forming a slight resin build while smoking

High – being a majority sativa dominant hybrid (80/20) supplying an uplifting euphoric high, that boosts your mood, and gets your creative juices flowing. There’s little in the way of killing tasks being fueled by the energetic stone provided, but you’re ability of focus is hindered by a clouded head. No problem to blaze this stuff during the day without any major issues continuing about your day, or firing up a j of this to start your day off