Super Silver Haze from Swift Green

Visual: There was one big bud and a couple of smaller buds in my jar. The jar was a nice glass jar that I would totally use again! It had lots of Trichomes which had a yellow tinge to them. The buds had a good structure and they were very fresh and had a great moisture level. They were very nice looking! They were a bit dense but they still had quite a bit of squish to them.

Nose: The nose was very potent! It had that classic small for this strain which is a kushy berry. Not a fruity berry but more of an earthy berry smell.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It cut and ground up very easy. It had a dry crystal feel to it which was not sticky. The moisture level was really good.

Taste: The flavor was very nice. That earthy berry came through with a bit of the sweet kushiness. It was very smooth.

Burn: It smoked very well. It was a heavy smoke and a very light ash.

Potency/Effects: This was a very nice Super Silver Haze! The potency built up well and topped off at a really good level. It was very uplifting and energetic to get you ready to go! This would be a good morning and daytime smoke. It gave me a good buzz and a lot of energy!

Overall score – 9.5/10