Super Lemon Haze Live rosin
A cross of Northern Light x Silver Haze

A golden terpy sauce rather thick and firm in the cold but super runny when warmed or agitated. Still easy to handle except for huge dabs as it just runs off the tools ahah. Found it quite hard to get some texture in my shots as you can see haha.

It was pleasant on the nose and super strong. With a dank citrus hitting strong as soon as you pop the lid. A dank sour citrus on the nose with woody undertones. Transfer perfectly to the smooth vapor so pleasant at low temp came out sweet on the exhale, tasty stuff. Super easy to clean too.

The effect are amazing on this, one of my favorite classic strains in my favorite extract form it was a real treat. Perfect for early morning / wake and bake the kind of uplifting/motivating mood inducer that makes you do some cleaning task you been delaying for days. Just perfect to start the day with a coffee before the gym last long and doesnt weight you down.  Heady but clear headed you cant go wrong.