Strain – Super Pink Kush

Visual/Texture – an entire zip made up of majority large to medium sizing, with some smaller buds in the mix. Thick round/oval shaped mass formations, dense and compact with little to no give when squeezed together. The exterior with a crisper texture, once you bust into these chunky buds leaving an exposed  fresh, greasy, sticky interior. Shading of a darker moss paired up with light purple, forest green hues, and bright mint green highlights. Fairly cleanly trimmed, featuring a decent spread of shorter light brown pistils, and dusted out in a layer of frosty trichomes
Scent – bringing some potent terpenes to the table, ready to overtake the immediate vacinity. Receiving a nose full of a sweet, yet  skunky floral fragrance, blended with a pungent diesel aroma with a subtle creamy accent. Overall mixing both a sweetly pleasent scent working in coordination with a deep gassy fuel

Smoke – clean lighter greyish white ash, with peppering dabbled throughout, and a resin ring lagging just behind. Translation from smell is on point, taking on inhales full of pure gas being complemented by the deep floral taste with creamy notes. Once releasing, the flavor being of a continued floral, with slight gas, and a distinct sweetened earthy linger

High – with an indica domination taking place on this hybrid (90/10) with enough sativa to not completely immobilize you. Finding the effects taking hold instantly and with a good length behind the stone. Eyes instantly become weighted, initially bringing on a solid sense of euphoria, while providing a mood elevation. The high eventually working it’s way over your body, placing you in a fully relaxed state, with added pain relief. Super Pink Kush more left for evening blazing, lighting up during the day will most likely result in zero productivity