Super Pink Bubba, a heavy cross of some of my favourite parents. This cut had some heavy terps and some sticky icky trichomes. Darker, aggressive buds with pink pistils. Initially I thought there was a cure issue was this. It was hard to pull down the bowl piece so I brought the test to the joint. Salt and pepper / black ash on this one and it went out twice.

Ash aside the high is amazing. A nice, non deliberating couch lock that leaves me feeling melodic with my snacks. No cotton mouth either like some heavy Indicas.

Heavy pine and gassy pink terps on the nose. Super sticky, resinous heads. No lack on this one.

85/100, was expecting a bit more from a Pink/Bubba cross and the salt pepper ash threw me off a bit but this is a nice afternoon smoke for chilling with the homes when you’re feeling wound.