Bag Appeal: The buds are really dense and too dry. All popcorn or smalls with all options in my order. Might be the trimming though. There’s still a nice layer of trichs on the buds though.

Smell: At first it has a sort of sweet earthy/floral type of smell but when you break it up, it reminds sooo much of Death Bubba! The smell is nice but it only gets more pungent once you break the buds apart.

Burn: This burned salt and pepper for me. It was also a little harsh on the throat. The joint still burned well and I didn’t have to relight it though.

Potency: This one really surprised me, the potency is the only thing that stood out really for me. It hit me much harder than I thought it would. On the site it says ~27% and I’m sure that’s pretty close! Hit me really hard in the back of the head, lasted like that for a while and eventually it flows to your body but it doesn’t sedate you like Death Bubba but still couch locks you good.