Strain – Super Mega Enigma (Snowdawg x Blue Dream)

Smell – insant waft greets your nose as soon as you’re opening the bag up. A concoction of a variety of smells consisting of a gassy diesel with herbal and sour citrus. The terpenes are quite dank and very enjoyable reeking off this strain

Smoke – fairly smooth with great taste on both the inhale and exhale alike consisting of diesel, sour citrus, and herbal gassiness. Clean light white greyish ash and a resin ring that insisted on sticking around

High – very good solid hitting indica dominant hybrid, best used at night or later on during the day. Great spaced out head high that will leave you feeling stress free and completely relaxed. Cancel any plans you’ve got post session because you’re only plan should be chillin out

Quality: smaller in size but dense buds, really  sticky on both the interior once cracked open and the exterior with the nice crystal layer draped over top. Great coloring of emerald green with deep purple leaves, and some bright thin copper pistils throughout