Super lemony terps, sweet and zesty citrus peel lemon, nothing like dish soap, but nothing too special. Dabbed nicely on my nail, flavourful and not harsh at all, didn’t leave my throat scratchy or anything.
Nice sticky-grainy consistency, easy to scoop up with a dabber.

Sativa leaning buzz, nice creative and focused, although on multiple tasks at a time. Seemed like everything needed to be done at once and I found myself bouncing around from task to task. I could see how this could be anxiety inducing as it seemed to just take over my brain and let my thoughts run wild. On the other hand, this leads to spark creative and inspiring, positive thoughts and feelings.

Accuracy and dexterity with my hands feels slightly improved.  A nice eye-opener day time smoke with a cerebral high that seems to spark creativity. Seems to help me write and enjoy music, when I can stay focused for long enough to actually get anything done.