The live resin was bright yellow to apricot coloured and a consistency resembling a slushie with distinct micro-diamonds swimming in a thick sauce. The product likely was shipped on its side as the resin climbed the side of the jar; however, was viscous enough to stay stuck in this position over the 2 days I was testing it. This made it a dream to scoop dabs of the desired amount. The smells coming off the jar were slightly muted, however as I mixed the product released strong notes of lemon with some mild sweetness to follow.  Smoke was smooth and the melt was clean; with spicy lemon flavors being distinct and prominent. Found myself with a buzzy, racing mind 5 minutes after smoking where I felt the need to be busy to enjoy the high. This was a perfect opportunity to head outdoors with my dog to burn off a bit of the energetic vibes I was being hit with; which I found to be incredibly enjoyable. Came back after 30 minutes to enjoy gaming out with a clear, focused and nicely uplifted buzz.