Strain – Sunshine Sherbert (Sunshine x Sherbert)

Smell – the nose that this strain presents is full of really great smelling tropical fruitiness. It has an overpowering skunky citrus scent that has a mash up consisting of herbal, and subtle  lemon, doughy notes

Smoke – the translation from smell to smoke is on point with even more terpenes coming forward on the inhale, of a deep sweet zesty orange, and skunky tropical citrus and exhaling this it takes on an earthy herbal taste with a slightly creaminess that lingers behind. Ash is a light greyish white, smooth burn, with a visible oily resin ring

High – having a majority indica dominance at a whopping 85/15 ratio this is more of later daytime or into the evening smoke. Found it to be good for relaxation, more creative, and decent for pain relief. Motivation does still exist just slightly more difficult to find post blaze

Quality: very airy fluffy buds, majority smaller with some medium sized. Some hairy beasts, with an abundance of long thin light copper colored pistils woven throughout, fuzzed up in amber an array of amber trichomes, these olive green buds also have a dark purple almost navy blue undertones