This cart arrived slightly leaky and with air pockets covering the wick on both holes. This caused the wick to burn on my first few puffs and led to a kinda nasty burned flavour. I had to transfer the oil to another cart which gives a much better flavour. This hassle is the reason for the lower value score. The extract has a beautiful golden tinge and a nice viscosity. I didn’t notice any clogging or sugaring issues. The terp profile is piney/citrus and sweet which makes for a fairly nice flavour but it isn’t overly strong. The smoke is smooth with very little cough. Potency is where this stuff shone in my opinion. There’s an intense head rush that slowly settles into a full body tingly stone. Overall this is a good dab and if it weren’t for the cart issues I’d be very happy. Hopefully things get better moving forward!