The smell coming out the jar is pungent with intensely sweet grapes/berry, musty funk and clean pine that tied it all together. Arrived looking relatively chunky with light caramel to nut brown colours with a greasy sheen along the exterior. There was quite a bit more of this “sauce” that was present on the bottom which was transparent and golden. Able to easily collect as it was solid and could easily scoop a section out for a respectably sized dab. Found it melted decently but did leave some residue; relatively minor but moreso then my two recent experiences.

Flavors were similar on the smoke with some obvious sweetness, vanilla plus flavors like hash on the exhale. Effects immediately hit me in the head with a spaced-out cerebral buzz that left my head in the clouds and mind wandering. Shortly after I noticed my eyelids became somewhat heavy and my body relaxed with pleasant euphoria. I had a follow-up dab that nearly kicked my feet our from underneath me; leaving me basically confined to the couch.

The visuals may not have been as stunning as some of the recent hash rosin I’ve had, but the smells, flavors and potent effects were impressive.