Absolutely incredible flower for an AAA+ rating. The buds are very compact and caked with a vibrant light green colour, and as you can see there are tons of trichome heads. The aroma in the bag is very sour and fruity, but when the bud is ground up it becomes much more sweet and you notice some strong kushy undertones. The terpenes translate pretty well into the smoke with a sweet and sour flavour that leaves a very enjoyable strawberry-like aftertaste. The burn is nice and even with white ash, however the smoke is a bit harsh. You’ll feel a heavy body high that would be very good for muscle relaxation and pain relief; similar to gorilla glue but the terpenes are definitely more fruity. This is some unique flower that I enjoy very much. I would say this is AAAA- due to the smoke being a bit harsh and the high being a little short lived. Overall I am extremely happy! 🔥💯👌