Strawberry Cream from BC Medi Chronic

Visual: I was really impressed with the visuals on this one! It had a very nice structure and it had lots of fat sparkly crystal. It was a lighter green, but it also had a bit of a creamy colour to it. It was fairly squishy, and it had a fresh and soft feel to it.

Nose: Wow! Super pungent! It was very fruity and sweet! It had an amazing nose that just hits you as soon as you open the bag! I got tons of the creamy strawberry smell and a bit of pine. I really enjoyed it.

Cut/Roll/Grind: The stickiness of it made it a bit harder to grind and to cut because it squished it up a bit.

Taste: The taste was very pungent as well. The pine came on strong at first and then the creamy strawberry flavour, which had a bit of smokiness, came out the more that I got into it.

Burn: The burn was excellent! Nice and slow and the smoke was heavy.

Potency/Effects: I was surprised at the punch that this sativa had! Great potency! It lit up the world for me with its positive buzz and happy effects! It was a great buzz in my head and a bit of a buzz in my body. I was still able to think clearly in the brain and my body was nice and mellow and relaxed. This would be good for day or evening sessions.

Overall score – 9.6/10